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Consider an option that will save all MarsEdit posts to the local hard drive:

edited October 2012 in MarsEdit
I like MarsEdit in all ways except one: it didn't offer a way to save automatically posts as local text or HTML documents. This is pretty important to me because I drop all my blog posts into Devonthink Pro when I'm done with them.

About a year and a half ago I sent a feature request about this to Red Sweater's support, not long after I bought MarsEdit. Today I opened it for the first time in a year or so, mostly to see if this feature had made it in any updates. No dice. So let me request it here!

EDIT: And, two years ago, I left a comment in a separate thread. I'd forgotten about that!


  • Hi there - thanks for checking back in. A lot has happened in the past couple years but unfortunately this hasn't gotten done yet. It's still on my mind and in my planning documents.
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    This would be really useful for migrating between sites... or resurrecting an offline site Just saying. :-)
  • Yeah - it's a lot easier said than done for those cases in particular, because it's very difficult for an app like MarsEdit to get a complete copy of everything for a blog (posts, images, comments, etc). The full offline backup of the post content would still be useful but for purposes of migrating or resurrecting sites the best bet is to use a blog's own online "export" feature to (hopefully!) get the whole thing.
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    Oo, hey! I just posted a question asking this very same thing. For the time being, I've been able to use SiteSucker (free from MAS) to download the blog and store it locally. Then, I sent the whole folder that was downloaded to DEVONthink Pro through the command-click service menu option. I'm still playing with the time-limited demo version of DTP, but I am finding it quite useful. Hope this helps!

    Edit to add: Daniel, is there some way to dump the local database to disk, or are the entries that MarsEdit shows updated from the live website on startup?
  • Hi Geordon - the entries that MarsEdit shows are only updated (for now, I may change this in the future) when you click the "Refresh" button. Generally speaking when you refresh, it overwrites the local "cache" of posts with the most recent posts from your blog.

    That said, I have taken an approach over the past few years of proactively saving copies of posts when refreshing, to a separate "archive" folder within:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> MarsEdit -> Posts

    Note: If you are running on OS X Lion 10.7 or later, you can get to the "Library" folder by holding the option key while selecting Go -> Library from the Finder's menu bar.

    You might want to poke around in there and see if the data that have been downloaded are pertinent for your goals. As I said in the other post though I generally cannot recommend MarsEdit a backup tool.

  • Daniel, I appreciate the follow-up. After poking around for a couple of minutes, I think that using SiteSucker to pull the site down and then importing it to DEVONthink is going to be the best solution.

    Alternatively, I will just have to take the path of least resistance and buy the DEVONthink Pro Office version, so that I can use RSS feeds to import blogs, rather than trying to force a solution that wasn't baked into the product.

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