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MarsEdit & ExpressionEngine - has anyone made this work?

edited May 2007 in MarsEdit
I'm using EE v1.52 (full, not Core) and the built in MetaweblogAPI.

I have two fields in EE and both are set to "no formatting".

I can connect MarsEdit to EE with no trouble, I can see the Categories and Posts made in EE.

And I can create entries in MarsEdit and send them to EE - but here's the rub;

If MarsEdit fomatting is set to None I get no formatting on my Blog. If MarsEdit is set to AutoBR or XHTML it first resets the formatting in EE then does 2 things 1) formats the entry; and 2) marks-up (ie hard codes) the MarsEdit entry with the


As I cannot have users set formatting to XHTML for the initial post, then turn it off for editing MarsEdit is breaking my EE site.

Has anyone found a setting to make MarsEdit stable with ExpressionEngine and would they be kind enough to let me know their settings?



  • Let me make sure I understand: the problem is that with the formatting features of EE, they can only be applied once, and then when edited again with MarsEdit (and asking EE to again apply the filter) it messes things up?

    I think this is a general problem with filters that don't behave well when applied multiple times. I'm not sure what could be done in MarsEdit or EE to really alleviate the problem, short of manually changing the formatting to "None" when editing an existing entry.

    Any suggestions for how I could make things better in MarsEdit?

  • Daniel,

    I found it about half an hour ago; there's a flag in EE: module -> metaweblogAPI -> Formatting Settings which control the code EE sends to the client application. Whilst it could logicaly be set to Yes (so the EE converted it's code langueage into HTML, etc) in the case of MardEdit this causes the syncchronisation to "burp".

    EE users should set the formatting option to No in the metaweblogAPI settings for a happy MarsEdit experience.

    I think MarsEdit is very cool the way it is - but I'd love to have a function to create Amazon links (like ecto); but I'm copy/pasting today and it works...;-))

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