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Applescript code for adding attachments (a png and a pdf)

edited November 2012 in MarsEdit
I downloaded the trial this morning and have it working with my applescript perfectly to write and send a post. But it isn't useful to me unless I can script adding an image to display and a pdf with a download link (even better if the image can link to the pdf)
I looked in the dictionary for marsedit and found some entries for attachments but not sure if that is what i'm looking for or the syntax on how to use it. Any help is appreciated, or even just letting me know that it isn't gonna work. Thanks!

(And I really appreciate the 30 day trial to test it and see if it will work for me before buying. thanks!)
Here is my blog to give you an idea of how my posts look:


  • Hi there - unfortunately I haven't done a perfect job of keeping MarsEdit's scripting support up to date with all the latest features. As far as I know it is currently not possible to script the adding of an image or PDF attachment to a post in MarsEdit. The "attachment" stuff you found in the dictionary is sort of a relic of Apple's own text editing scripting, and not related to the attachments you're thinking of in terms of file uploads for MarsEdit posts.

    Sorry this doesn't work well for you as of now. I am glad you had the opportunity to discover the shortcoming during the trial evaluation. If you decide to continue evaluating the app in spite of this please do not hesitate to ask other questions as they come up.

  • Thanks.

    I figured out how to use cURL to upload to ftp through the applescript itself. sweet.
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