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Can't set post status to unpublished in MarsEdit 3.5.8

edited November 2012 in MarsEdit
I just upgraded MarsEdit to the latest version and now no longer have the ability to set my post status to unpublished. The only option in the drop-down menu is published. This is very inconvenient. Is this a bug or an intentional 'downgrade'? (I use Squarespace by the way). Cheers


  • Hi there - sorry about this, I think it's a Squarespace-only issue and is indeed a bug. Somehow in the various "fixes" I made for 3.5.7 and 3.5.8 I managed to break this for Squarespace. I'm going to get it fixed ASAP and ship a fix in the 3.5.9 update. In the mean time it might be worth it for Squarespace users to downgrade to 3.5.6:

    Note you should be able to download and use this version even if you have purchased through the Mac App Store. But it will not automatically update in the future through the Mac App Store. So for folks who download it temporarily to fix this, be sure to check back in the future with the Mac App Store to see if the 3.5.9 or later is out.

  • Update: I have a beta of 3.5.9 available for folks who want to try with the fix for this issue:
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