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How to stop extra window

edited November 2012 in FlexTime

I have a basic flextime document setup as I would like, yet every time I start the app a second blank flextime document displays. How do I stop this second blank document from appearing?



  • Hi there - I wasn't aware of this bug but I just verified it on my own Mac. It seems like this must be something I introduced in the last version of FlexTime and didn't notice. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I'm going to try to make a priority of fixing it and will update you here in this thread when I have a test version of FlexTime with (hopefully!) the bug fixed.

  • Hi again - I have a beta release to share which should address this problem. If you are interested in downloading and giving it a try, I would be curious to know if it fixes the problem for you:
  • Just saw this posting, and I was seeing this in the version that I have 1.2.6 and this did fix the opening of the blank from opening that has been bugging me for a while...

    Sam D

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