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Using MarsEdit to publish posts results in double tweeting of post via Feedburner

edited November 2012 in MarsEdit
Hi Guys,

We use Feedburner to auto send tweets of newly published posts to twitter.

Recently, we've been seeing double tweets of posts on twitter. I think it is related to MarsEdit whenever we use the program to publish posts. Today, we saved posts as drafts and published from within Wordpress--no duplicate tweets.

We're going to do more testing to see if it is indeed MarsEdit or not. ANyone else experiencing this?


  • Hi there - can I ask first if you are using the latest version of MarsEdit (3.5.8)? If not, I wonder if you see the same issue after updating to 3.5.8.

    The reason I ask is because earlier versions of MarsEdit used a valid method of publishing to WordPress that nonetheless might have provoked an issue like that, they would publish using two phases, first to publish and then to edit the post to make some minor refinements.
  • Hi Daniel--thanks for getting back.

    Yes, I am using 3.5.8.

    I did some testing to see if MarsEdit was the case for the double tweet, and it appears it is after publishing with MarsEdit vs publishing from within Wordpress.

    Double tweets just appeared in my timeline after hitting publish, after not publishing from MarsEdit for a few days.

    Any ideas? Does this have to do with MarsEdit or my Wordpress setup?
  • It probably has less to do specifically with MarsEdit than with the plugin you are using somehow misinterpreting the behavior of posts that are made with the XMLRPC API that WordPress supports. Do you happen to have a mobile device you could install the WordPress app on to see if it exhibits the same behavior when posting from it? It uses a similar mechanism to publish that MarsEdit does.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the detailed info. I do have the Wordpress iOS app and I published a post today but there was never a double tweet. Although a duplicate post did appear within the Wordpress iOS app for the post, only one story published.

  • Thanks - can you tell me exactly what this Twitter plugin is so I can download, install, and test with it on my own WordPress installation? Hopefully I'll see the same problem and be able to get to the bottom of it in order to offer you some advice for how to proceed.
  • We are using this plugin for Wordpress:

    As for 'auto tweeting', we have it setup on for our RSS feed, under the social setting to send out a tweet via our connect twitter account.
  • Thanks, I will look into this. I did a google search and apparently "double tweeting" with Feedburner is a problem some other folks have run into. That makes me suspicious it is the core issue here. Do you think the PubHubSubHub plugin has any involvement at all in the tweeting?
  • I don't think so, PHSH just pings that our site has published an article faster than others. We have also published using the Wordpress iOS app and we've never seen any double tweeting before.
  • Sorry for the delay in following up on this. I'm still not able to reproduce it with my own trivial WordPress setup, so I'm trying to figure out what could be different about yours, and it may be down to the PubHubSubHub thing. Would it be possible to disable that plugin momentarily just to check whether the double-tweeting occurs when you post from MarsEdit and PubHubSubHub is not involved?
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