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Setting Featured Image in WordPress

edited November 2012 in MarsEdit
I was surprised to run across an app which claims to have this ability. After discussion with the developer they say this feature was added in 3.4 back in June. I did some searching and came up with this: (down near the bottom of that page)

Does this help?


  • Thanks, yes this is promising. It still will take some work on my end to support it but this is a good start. Usually the way this works is once the API supports it on WordPress I can put it on my list to try to implement. Bear in mind there are complications for example I need to deal gracefully with the fact that the blog might not be updated to 3.4 yet. Anyway, there is hope now ...
  • I would really like this feature too. In fact, it is essential. Right now, I have to upload my post via MarsEdit, then go into the WordPress backend and select that image as my featured image. Thanks.
  • Sorry the app doesn't support this as well as it could yet. In the mean time will you consider trying this plugin:

    Apparently it will automatically set the first image in a post to be the featured image. This might work for many of your posts?

    There is also another plugin a MarsEdit user came up with and shared in these forums:

    That is a little more sophisticated but requires setting up a custom "Style" macro in MarsEdit to work in conjunction with the plugin.

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