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Image sizes / image resizing in Marsedit for Wordpress

edited December 2012 in MarsEdit
I've searched the forums up and down for this and haven't found it.

#### Question background / synopsis:
I am running a number of wordpress blogs - most are photographic and have 2-20 photographs per post.
When uploading images with Marsedit, the images are not resized to the sizes needed. Though I can set the image resizing to *one* size needed for the blog, many themes need different sizes. See below.
Also, when I resize an image upon upload to a size that doesn't break the design, the blog visitor has no chance to click-to-enlarge the photo.

#### Wordpress internal workings I'm trying to replicate:
Wordpress has a standard set of image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large, original) - their dimensions are set in the wordpress installation's settings. They usually correspond with what the theme needs. (More on that below)

When you upload an image through the wordpress online admin form (, all images are automatically resized into those sizes. Say for example I am uploading a photo that is 1482px x 1002 px.
This photo is then available within wordpress in the following sizes:

Thumbnail (150 × 150)
Medium (300 × 202)
Large (500 × 337)
Original (1482 × 1002)

All these will link to an attachment page or a full-size photo file (jpg in this case) when clicked.

Let's say my theme will use 500px wide images or it breaks.
When I upload the 1482 px wide image through the wordpress admin media manager, I can add a 500px wide image to the post. The image is clickable and visitors can see the image in 1482 wide if they wish to do so.

#### What Marsedit does
When I add an image to MarsEdit, I can pick it's size. I can chose to leave the image at 1482x1002 or I can downsize it to one of the other dimensions listed above. Or any other combination that has the same aspect ratio.
In order not to break my aforementioned design, I have to resize it to 500x337. This works for the design - but the visitor now has no way to click-to-enlarge the file and see the photography in a size that makes him smile ;-)

#### bottom line and appeal
I'm a traveling photographer. Internet connections are usually shit where I am so working online (i.e. using the wordpress interface) is no option. It would be a dream come true if I could prepare my blog posts in Marsedit while I am offline and then just upload them when I have a connection, open them in the wordpress interface to add things Marsedit can't do (i.e. featured image) and be done with it.

My questions are:

- Is there a more intelligent way for me to upload images than the one I described above?
- Maybe I am missing something here? An easy fix to make the image uploaded clickable?


  • Hi again Holger - unfortunately this is another area where MarsEdit is not ideally suited to working with WordPress for image blogging. This is largely rooted in shortcoming of the WordPress API (that MarsEdit uses to talk to WordPress) that are slowly but surely being improved upon. I hope that I'll be able to offer better support for multi-sized images in the future, but for now it's limited to uploading an image at a specific single size.
  • edited December 2012
    Yeah, it's a real shame and ME's weak spot. I still haven't figured out how to use ME's 'image editor'. It just isn't intuitive and when I looked through the help, I note that it's for a much earlier version of ME and thus no good to me. Plus, should I need to use it? I've been using a Mac since 1984.

    The question is: to what degree do you duplicate the editor in (my case) Wordpress? I tend to work between ME and WP, switching back and forth between source and WYSIWYG and my text editor (Textedit Plus). Both apps 'mess' with the code. Text created in Textedit Plus, when pasted into ME and viewed in source mode reveals standard HTML eg:

    <<p style="margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Helvetica;">>

    But HTML emails or RSS feeds pasted into ME can take almost any form. For the most part WP strips out stuff it can't understand (or alters it?). ME appears to leave them intact, though switching between modes does seem to make alterations to things like line spacing.

    Frankly, my standard for an editor in this mixed environment is Dreamweaver's, or it used to be, the last time I used it.

    Happy new year

    Feliz Navidad

  • The WordPress mobile app lets you assign a Featured Image to a post that you write on the device or that you edit from your device. You choose the master size the image uploads. The theme thumbnail function(s) do the rest. I would imagine that at some point, they will have to open that up.

    WP 3.5 has a dramatic improved image uploader.

    I just posted this as a feature request over on

    If anybody else wants to chime in over there, I think that would help Daniel. If you aren't into this Daniel, let me know and I'll shut up.
  • edited January 2013
    blurbomat - definitely appreciate the feedback. Since I don't use featured images myself on my blogs it's useful to know how others are using them and what kind of implementation would be most useful in MarsEdit.

    However, I do think it's "opened up" now in the API. I just have to do the work of implementing it in MarsEdit in a way that makes sense. There are also some possible complications such as needing to be able to check in MarsEdit whether the blog being connected to is new enough to support the API changes.
  • +1 for this feature. I have just switched over to Wordpress. I'm trying out ME but ran into this problem. It means that the image size has to be set exactly for the blog theme (thus preventing users from viewing the full size image), or that the image doesn't fit with the theme when uploaded at a higher resolution. I think ME is a much better way to interact with WP but this is a major problem for my workflow.
  • Thanks for the feedback, cabgpatch. I understand it's a problem for many workflows. One other alternative is to upload the image at a high resolution but to restrict the display size to the width appropriate for the theme. This could be achieved by using a custom "Style" macro in MarsEdit from the Style popup in the Media Manager, which would ignore the actual size of the image and generate HTML that specifies e.g. a specific width.
  • Ok, I'm trying this. But if I specify a specific width, despite selecting the image at full size i.e. "Defaults to Full Size", it still uploads only the smaller version.
  • You want to take care not to change the width in the "Size" fields in the Media Manager. That does cause the image to be resized. If you have "Defaults to Full Size" selected then the size fields should always show the full size -- leave those as they are. It's in the markup only that you want to play around with adding an e.g. width="500" to the IMG tag HTML that is being inserted.
  • edited April 2013
    I have it set to Defaults to Full Size.
    It still only displays the lower res image (width 497). Anyone else in this forum who can reproduce this?
    When I go to Wordpress I can access the high res image from the editing panel so ME is uploading that imaging, but the reader can't access it.
  • edited April 2013
    Ahhh, worked out how to do it. I'm new to HTML. If I use the Style Macro I have to wrap it in a URL pointing to the full size image.

    My final style macro is (where the width will vary depending on the theme):

    <a href="#fileurl#"><img src="#fileurl#" alt="#alttext#" title="#displayname#" border="0" width="497" /></a>

    This displays the image at the pixel size appropriate for my theme and provides a link through the image to the full resolution image.
  • Great to hear that you worked it out!
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