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Tumblr - images and posts

edited December 2012 in MarsEdit
If i try and add a image to upload as a post with mars edit, the "kind" category changes to photo. If I upload, it has no title and the font is wrong/ overly small. Why can't a uploaded post with a image uploaded follow the post template of tumblr?


  • This limitation is based on a shortcoming of Tumblr's API. In particular, they offer no means of uploading an "arbitrary image" apart from a "Photo" post. This is something, as you've noticed, that they support only in their web-based UI. I have asked them for support in the API, but so far no luck.

    It couldn't hurt to drop them a line at and ask them to "support uploading arbitrary image files via the API for insertion in text posts."

    Sorry I can't offer a better workflow for image insertion into arbitrary Tumblr posts.

  • Maybe disclose this on the Mac App Store page. Other than " works with tumblr" this wasn't disclosed. While shame on me for not looking for a demo or researching this first, I'm not gonna get my money back at this point and while mars edit is nice , it is not that useful for my needs.
    Thanks for the quick response.
  • I empathize - the Mac App Store has some shortcomings, among them the lack of a proper "trial mode" to decide whether an app will work perfectly or not. Another challenge in my case is because of the large number of services I support, it's hard to be extremely detailed about every system in the limited screen space provided on the Mac App Store.

    Be aware that Apple is generally very agreeable about refunds, even if their official policy states otherwise. If MarsEdit is not going to prove useful for you I strongly encourage you to seek a refund from Apple. If for some reason they will not provide you with one, I would like to compensate you personally for your purchase.
  • I appreciate the offer and concern. But honestly, it would not be right of me to do that. For now I'll just have to use web interface for photo and post hybrids and Mars Edit for standalone while in Tumblr. I forsee myself eventually moving to squarespace or other high powered blog platform. With Mars Edit so highly rated among web bloggers, I'd be silly not to leverage it when I can fully utilize it.
  • Thanks for deciding to continue giving MarsEdit a shot. One caveat regarding Squarespace (sigh), is that the service currently only supports access by 3rd party clients to their "5.0" older implementation. The newest offering from Squarespace does not support clients like MarsEdit. If you do choose Squarespace and want to use it with MarsEdit, be sure to sign up for a 5.0 version:

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