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Not seeing all my posts

edited December 2012 in MarsEdit
Not sure what's up, but it's happened a few times. Last night I worked on the blog and all the upcoming scheduled posts, and today's already published posts show in my list. This morning I can't see any post before 12/9. I ended up having to go through wordpress dashboard to make a last minute correction on this mornings post.

Any clue why my saved/published posts don't show up in my post list from time to time?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Casey - what you're probably running into is a shortcoming in MarsEdit based on the fact that it can only request a certain number of "recent posts" from the blog when it refreshes. So as you refresh the blog it is probably only grabbing the latest 30 posts (that's the default setting).

    You can change the setting in the blog settings in MarsEdit, under "General". It will cause refreshes to be a little slower, and at some point if the number is too high WordPress may have trouble fulfilling the request.

    This is something I hope to alleviate a bit in the future as WordPress's API grows more suitable for efficiently downloading ALL the posts from a blog. I'd like to be able to offer that reasonable functionality.
  • Perfect that works. Thanks!
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