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Will MarsEdit ever have emoticons on their toolbar?

edited January 2013 in MarsEdit
MarsEdit is such a great blogging platform, but I do miss emoticons, which I used with Windows LiveWriter. Will they ever be available so that we can customize our toolbar with them?

Is there a workaround to get those smileys imbedded into MarsEdit blog posts now?

Thanks for any information you can give me.


  • Hi daisybelle - I am not specifically familiar with Windows Live Writer's emoticons feature. Does it include a variety of emoticons that get inserted into the post as images that upload with the post? Can you point me to an example of one of your old blog posts where the emoticons were published?
  • Daniel, I just now found your reply. I made a little test blog entry showing just a few of the Emoticons I have. Windows Live Writer has Plug-Ins for these. I love Emoticons, they quickly add a little graphic to blog entries, so much better than :o) or ;o(

    The more I use Mars Edit, the more I like it and I was a diehard Windows Live Writer girl. I've blogged for several years and enjoy features to easily enhance my blog posts. After using Mars Edit I feel that it surpasses Windows Live Writer, with the exception of two features. The Emoticons and the fact that Live Writer also allows you to add frames to the pictures you insert, Windows Live Writer calls them called picture styles.

    Frame choices are:


    Here's the blog entry I made for you, I just used a few of the Emoticons that I have available in Live Writer. It would be so great if you could add similar features to Mars Edit ;o)

    I also included three of the Picture Styles from Live Writer, Drop Shadow, Photo Paper and Solid, 3px

    Thanks so much for getting back to me, I appreciate you taking the time for this.

  • Thanks for elaborating, and for the kind words about MarsEdit. Both of these features do sound cool and like they would be perfectly suited as plugins when MarsEdit one day supports them.

    In the mean time I don't have a great workaround, but something that might help a little would be to set up custom Formatting Macros in MarsEdit for the emoticons that you use the most. For example:

    1. Open a new post.
    2. Select Format -> Customize...
    3. Click the + button to add a new macro.
    4. Name the macro "Princess" and paste this into the "Opening" section:

    <img style="border-bottom-style: none; border-left-style: none; border-top-style: none; border-right-style: none" class="wlEmoticon wlEmoticon-princess" alt="Princess" src="">

    5. Optional: assign a keyboard shortcut for the macro.

    Now when you are writing your posts you can select Format -> Princess to enter that emoticon. I realize it's not the same as a visual display to choose from, but it might help.

    The way I derived the HTML content above was by examining the page source for the blog post you referenced. For each of the emoticons, you should find a similar block of code which you can use as-is for the formatting macro content in MarsEdit.

  • Great, that works for now, and maybe the next edition of Mars Edit will include Emoticons. You never know ;o)

    Thanks so much for this tip, it's very doable!
  • Glad to hear the workaround will help a little, at least!
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