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Capitalize New Sentence

edited January 2013 in MarsEdit
Hi Daniel

I am trying to look for any settings that will format the new sentence with capital letter. Currently I couldn't find it or did I miss out anything? I've got TextExpander and set Capitalize New Sentence on. Somehow Marsedit does not seem to be affected by the TextExpander setting.

What is the setting it Marsedit to capitalize new sentence?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi witzer - MarsEdit doesn't have any specific feature to accomplish this. Is this something that is available to you in other apps? Is it a Mac OS X system feature or only something that you get through TextExpander?

    As for why TextExpander's wouldn't work in MarsEdit, I'll have to look into that. I wonder if it is only failing to work in some areas, e.g. the content of a post? If you type a sentence in the title of a post, does it work as expected?
  • I got used to autocorrect in iOS devices that when I started typing in Marsedit, I left out capitalising the new sentence. I can't seem to find the OS X system feature that can do it iOS style. I've turned on the "Correct spelling automatically" in System Preferences but that didn't do anything. TextExpander has helped me capitalise new sentence but it doesn't seem to affect Marsedit even though I've set the Correct capitalization in "All Applications" preferences.

    It won't capitalize as well in the title of the post.

    It's not really a major issue. I just thought it would be nice and maybe a little time saving in capitalizing the new sentence.
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