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Libraries in scripts run from FastScripts.

edited February 2006 in FastScripts
According to an excellent tutorial on script libraries at Foodoo Lounge, there are three ways to use a library with a script. Have you an opinion on which of those is most efficient for scripts saved as scripts in ~/Library/Scripts, and run via FastScripts hot keys?


  • Hi Nova - I haven't looked too carefully at using "libraries" like this in my own scripts, so I don't have a strong opinion. Maybe somebody else will be able to offer some useful opinions.

    My gut feeling is that the "compile time loading" would be best for performance. Since dynamically loading at runtime would not obtain any of the benefits of FastScripts' "caching" mechanism. When you run a script in FastScripts, it stays loaded and "ready to go" for the next run. I don't do anything special to observe scripts that are dynamically loaded from within another script, however.

  • Fine then, Daniel - compile time loading it is. What I was really asking for, I guess, is which mode would best take advantage of the way Fastscripts actually works (which is not obvious). :cool:
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