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Feature: Hotkey to execute last script again

edited February 2013 in FastScripts
There are times that I need to execute the same script many times in a row, but I don't want to assign a regular shortcut to it (perhaps it's a script I rarely use).

A convenient option would be a configurable hotkey to execute the last used script again.


  • Hi there - thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a good idea, probably a menu item that could live inside the "Recent Scripts" folder and have a keyboard shortcut to go with it as you suggest. On my list of ideas for future updates, now!
  • Good idea adding it to the "Recent Scripts" list. This would allow a user to bind a hotkey using the same machanism for regular scripts (hold Cmd when you click), but also allow for a hotkey to be bound to the 1st most recent, 2nd most recent, etc.
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