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MarsEdit with ExpressionEngine 2.x and addon Channel Fields

edited February 2013 in MarsEdit
I've created a new content channel on my EE2.5.5 site and am using 3rd party channel fields (wygwam, for example) for my summary and body copy. When I connect to this with MarsEdit, it does not seem to recognize these fields, so I can't map content to them. I assume MarsEdit only can map to a plain text field? Or, am I missing something?


  • Hi Rick - I'm not sure I completely have the gist of what you're describing because I'm not extensively familiar with EE's configuration options. But it sounds like these are additional fields you add to be available on entries, which are not part of the standard blogging setup for EE.

    MarsEdit by default is only able to present for editing very specific standardized fields such as title, body, etc., which are defined by the interface (MetaWeblog based) that EE supports.

    MarsEdit does also support configuration of "custom fields" which might work here depending on whether EE implements support for them in their MetaWeblog interface.

    Here's a test you can try to get a sense for whether the information is present in the content that EE is sending to MarsEdit:

    1. Create a new post on the EE web interface.
    2. Add a custom field value with some clearly searchable value like "red sweater test".
    3. Publish the post on EE's web interface.
    4. From MarsEdit, "Refresh" the blog to download the latest posts. Confirm that the new post shows up in MarsEdit's interface.
    5. Select Window -> Network Log from MarsEdit, to see the complete content of the data that the blog sent down.
    6. Press Cmd-F to search the log, and try searching for that "red sweater test" content.

    If it shows up, the next thing we'll want to see is if it's being included in a standard way that MarsEdit can work with (in a nutshell, mimicking WordPress's custom fields support).

    If it doesn't show up at all, then probably the fields are not being exported by EE's 3rd paty editor interface, and it will not be possible to edit these fields from MarsEdit.

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