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edited February 2013 in MarsEdit
Is there a way to create slides in MarsEdit? I like using those for my site to link to my posts.


  • Hi there - I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the terminology correctly ... when you say slides do you mean the "featured image" that e.g. WordPress supports to have a single image represent each post?

    Unfortunately MarsEdit doesn't have explicit support for WordPress's featured images. Some folks have come up with work arounds that involve e.g. installing a custom plugin on the WordPress end to interpret either the first image in the post as featured, or to allow specifying the featured image with a kind of special coded markup in the post.

    Here's an example of such a plugin, though I haven't tested it myself:

    I'm sorry the app doesn't support this as well as it could. It is something that I hope to improve upon in the future.

  • Daniel,
    Thanks for replying. I wasn't talking about 'featured images' though that workaround SHOULD help in THAT regard.
    I was referring to the slides that I have on my site where when you go to the site, you're greeted with slides of stories that you click on for the main post/story.
  • Thanks for clarifying. MarsEdit doesn't have any built-in way to do this. It looks like possibly this is handled by a WordPress plugin you have installed? Unfortunately many of these kinds of plugin-enhancements to WordPress are not directly accessible by MarsEdit.
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