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Trouble with today's NYT (Caution: spoiler) [NYT 2-17-13]

edited February 2013 in Black Ink
Today's NYT puzzle requires colons, serving as both the punctuation mark and the sequence of letters. When I control-click a square, type ':' and hit return, the square turns black. I haven't figured out any way to bring it back or make it display a colon.


  • Accepted Answer
    Thanks, I am fascinated to confirm that I can reproduce the problem with any puzzle: entering a colon as the "special characters" answer does turn the square black.

    FWIW in today's puzzle it would appear that the punctuation characters involved are spelled out fully in the answer key so e.g. "COLON" instead of a literal ":" should be entered to match the puzzle's embedded solution.
  • I confirmed that in the official Across Lite app, it's not possible to enter a ":" character. It's definitely a bug that in Black Ink it accepts and turns the square black, but I suspect that because of the Across Lite behavior, puzzles will not typically expect literal ":" as an answer in a square.
  • OK, I'll spell out COLON. But I won't like it.

    Thanks for the snappy investigation.
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