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Preview Template question

edited February 2013 in MarsEdit
I'm not sure how the Preview Template feature is supposed to work. Should I add my WordPress .css file so it can accurately preview a post? Do I need to manually customize it?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi there - the way the preview template works is it is literally a standalone HTML page into which the contents of your blog drafts in MarsEdit can be inserted using placeholders. How you choose to implement the preview template is up to you, but yes, it's a manual process for the time being.

    I wrote a few years ago about a basic technique for getting the preview window to look more like your actual blog:

    You don't necessarily have to put the CSS files etc in the preview template, you can just reference them on the web. But the downside to this is of course it will only work correctly when you have a network connection. For this reason it could be worthwhile to download copies of the CSS files to your Mac and reference them from the preview template as "file://" URLs.

    I hope to improve the workflow for setting up preview templates, in the future, to make them easier to set up and more bulletproof about things like bundling the CSS files right in the template.

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