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Mars Edit deleted my actual blog from my WP site, how do I restore??

edited February 2013 in MarsEdit
I deleted my blog, from Mars edit, expecting to delete it from just the Mars Edit tool.
Instead when I went back to my WP for our company, it has deleted the entire blog page. It says 404 - Page not found, however it does list the archive of posts at the bottom.

How do I insert the blog page back into our WP? Why did Mars Edit have the capability to delete the entire page, not posting?!


  • Hi there - I got your separate email and have followed up separately with you there. Feel free to continue the discussion either here or there. I'm copying and pasting my reply from email here so we will have the same context wherever you continue the discussion.

    From my email reply:

    First, I am sorry to hear about the disruption to your site, but relieved to hear (if I understand you correctly) that the posts and all your content are still safe on the server.

    To get to the bottom of this let's agree to use two standard terms: "blog" for the whole collection of posts that are published on your site, and "blog post" for an individual entry on you site. When you say you deleted "the blog" in MarsEdit, are you alluding to deletion of the whole blog or just a blog post?

    Deleting a whole blog from MarsEdit NEVER deletes anything from the server, it is only a removal of the configuration from MarsEdit.

    Deleting a blog post from MarsEdit DOES delete the post from the server, only after asking if you are sure and clarifying that there is no undo for that. I should update that text to be even more clear that the post will be unpublished from the site.

    The good news is, even when a post is deleted from the server, it should show up in the "Trash" in your WordPress admin panel, until you choose to empty the trash. If I am on the right track about what has occurred, will you please look in the Trash? It's a category link at the top of the posts list, where you said you had found your older posts.

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