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Syncing Issues.

edited March 2013 in MarsEdit
Hi Daniel & Forum,

I have a wordpress blog and have started using Marsedit to draft my posts locally before publishing. I have MarsEdit installed on 3 different machines (my macmini at home, my iMac at work, and on my macbook air). Anyway, I did a site audit the other week with some tools from Raven which identified some broken links on my site. I went and updated all the broken links on my pages (through wordpress rather than Marsedit) and did another audit and everything came out ok (i.e. I had no broken links).

Today I was using MarsEdit to update one of my posts and when I published it and checked online all was good. However, I then noticed all the posts that I had fixed last week had reverted back to an older version and contained the same broken links that I know were fixed. Is it possible that MarsEdit pushed back the older version of the posts to the server?

Im just wondering because Im a newbie to blogging and dont really have an understanding of how the syncing works. I was guessing that when you hit refresh on Marsedit it would automatically know not to update a post on the server if the changes made through the online wordpress backend where more 'current' than the local version of the post/page stored locally on MarsEdit? In other words, MarsEdit would 'pull' from the server if the server version was more current or it would 'push' to the server if the local MarsEdit version was more current.

Anyway, just curious because although it didnt take long to re-update the links Im scared of experiencing much more serious version control issues in the future.

Thanks Daniel. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated and once again apologies if this sounds like nonsense because as I said I am a genuine newbie to blogging.



  • Hi - thanks for asking about this. Unfortunately MarsEdit is not as sophisticated as it could be when it comes to handling situations where the app is being used from multiple Macs for the same blog.

    A key point to recognize is you will need to get in the habit of clicking "Refresh" in MarsEdit before making any edits, if you think you may have made changes from another Mac. MarsEdit assumes that it has the latest changes to the posts, and if you had changed on another Mac and then went in to edit and publish without refreshing first, you would indeed end up publishing an "older" copy of the post.

    I hope to improve this in the future. In the mean time I think if you are publishing to WordPress you should be able to find backups of the previous revisions through the WordPress web admin page. If you don't find them and the loss of work was significant, please let me know as we can probably dig up the work from your local MarsEdit installations.

  • Thanks for this Daniel. This isn't a big issue. Know I know what's happening I can easily foolproof myself from making this mistake again.

    Love your work by the way.

  • Thanks for being so resilient about the less-than-stellar behavior of the app. And I really appreciate the kind words about my work.

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