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add image style to existing post?

edited March 2013 in MarsEdit
Can I add an image Style to (edit) an existing post, or can Styles only be applied when an image is initially being uploaded?


  • Hi - unfortunately the styles can only be automatically applied when you first insert the image into a post. You can go into HTML mode and manually edit the HTML around the image but I understand that is not something you necessarily want to do or feel comfortable doing.
  • I can do that. Do I select Post->Edit HTML Text? (What is the warning telling me?)
  • Accepted Answer
    The warning is basically a caveat that the raw HTML that is underlying the the post may shift a little in conversion between HTML and the Rich Editor. It's actually a bit more meaningful (more caution) when going from HTML to Rich Text if you have custom HTML that the rich editor may not be able to deal with. I wouldn't worry too much about it coming from Rich Text to HTML.
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