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How to upload an image?

edited April 2013 in MarsEdit
Feel silly asking this, but ... does MarsEdit allow me to upload a photo from my Mac that is NOT in iPhoto or in the Pictures folder (whatever that is)?


  • edited April 2013 Accepted Answer
    Hi - yes, you can upload any picture (or really, any file, if you blog accepts it) from the "Upload Utility" ... you can find it in the Window menu.

    A shortcut to opening the Upload Utility with a specific image in it is just to drag an image from your Mac to the content of the post you are editing.

    Finally, if there are folders you want to be able to browse from the Media Manager directly, you can drag the folder from the Finder right in to the the Media Manager's folders list and it should appear below the standard iPhoto, etc. items.
  • i get a broken image icon when i drag an image and post to tumblr... :|
  • Hi johannesk - it will help to know a little more about what you're doing specifically. Is it an image dragged from your Mac, from a web site, from MarsEdit's media browser? And are you dragging it to the content of a post, or to something else? When you say you get a broken image icon do you mean you get it in the preview window in MarsEdit or on the published site, or both?

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    hi i drag it (and some text) out of another programme thats open in my mac (scrivener scratch pad to be precise).
    it looks fine in marsedit but when i upload it to my tumbler it has a broken icon. the html for the broken image is img src="denied:webkit-fake-url://68A1BAFA-6C68-4E6F-AE07-B1C1100BBF50/Pasted%20Graphic.tiff" alt="Pasted Graphic.tiff"
  • Hi - can I ask if you are using MarsEdit 3.5.8? I think there is an issue I fixed with 3.5.9, that might be related here. The "webkit-ake-url" has something to do with it. It was a situation where WebKit (Apple's web technology) would intercept the image instead of letting MarsEdit take control of the upload. One thing MarsEdit would do for example is convert the image to a PNG for better web compatibility.

    If you are using a Mac App Store version of MarsEdit it's still stuck on 3.5.8 until Apple approves the 3.5.9 update, otherwise you can update to the latest by selecting MarsEdit -> Check for Update from the menu bar.

    If you are stuck on 3.5.8 for now, you can work around this problem by selecting Window -> Upload Utility, and drag the image to that window instead of directly to MarsEdit's post editor.

  • By the way, because of restrictions by Tumblr, MarsEdit can only upload photos to Tumblr specifically as "Photo Posts". This is a real nuisance but unfortunately Tumblr has not budged on their policy to restrict access to the general-purpose uploading of images for insertion into regular text posts.
  • ok when i post as a photo post it works. so that must be it then. i don't seem to be able to drag the image into upload utility at all. i am using 3.5.9
  • Just to clarify, are you dragging directly to the "Drag Image Here" part of the Upload Utility window? It should work... you should get a green + sign as you are dragging to indicate it will be accepted. What happens instead? It just bounces back to the source? Maybe this is something I need to look into specifically with Scrivener.
  • Well, indeed. That was easy. I jus reproduced the problem with Scrivener. I'll look more closely into why the drags are not being accepted.
  • I took a look and was able to confirm that the image is not being "advertised" correctly when dragged out of Scrivener. It's instead being dragged out as a complete RTF document containing an image. I wrote an email to the Scrivener folks to recommend that they change this behavior. In the mean time a workaround is to drag the image first to an open TextEdit document (which supports the RTF document format), and then drag the image out of TextEdit and over to MarsEdit.
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