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Small Bug ... WordPress set post for future date - but post is being published immediately

edited April 2013 in MarsEdit
Hi Guys

I've been using Marsedit for years ... recently I reformatted my Mac and now find that all my WordPress posts are being published immediately. Even after I set the date for 'tomorrow' for example.

I'm guessing I've made a schoolboy error ...
I set the date, and
set the post status to published and then
click send to blog

It seems if you change the post status - AFTER you set the date, then this wipes the publish date value.

Because if I do things in this order, the future date is kept

set the post status to published,
set the date, and then
click send to blog

Hope that helps?




  • Hi Damien - thanks for alerting me about this. Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce it trivially on my test WordPress installation. I did the following:

    1. Create a new post in MarsEdit
    2. Type some stuff
    3. Set status to Draft
    4. Send to blog
    5. Confirm that the post is not published live
    6. Open post in MarsEdit
    7. Cick Post -> Edit Date
    8. Select "Tomorrow" and click OK
    9. Select status to Published
    10. Send to blog
    11. Confirm that the post is not published live
    12. Confirm in the WordPress admin panel that the post is listed as "Scheduled"

    Is is possible that there is a plugin installed on your WordPress server that is interfering with the normal behavior, or that there is some nuance about the steps I outlined above that are different from what you're doing?

    I would be curious to know if you could make a free account at and try the same steps with a basic default WordPress blog to see if you see the same problem.

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