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XML-RPC Parsing error....

edited May 2007 in MarsEdit
When I tried to post to my wordpress 2.1.3 site this a.m, I received this error from Marsedit, XML-RPC Parsing error etc.
I think my Web Host may have upgraded the PHP Version to 5.2.2, and then I added the fix to the XMLRPX file and was able to post normally from within wordpress with and without the added fix, So, I don't know what this error is. Everything worked fine yesterday.....

;; Ray


  • Hi Ray - it does sound like the PHP 5.2.2 bug. Are you saying that even after you updated the XMLRPC file with the fix, you were not able to post from MarsEdit?

    If you haven't seen this thread take a look:

    If you still think it's something other than the PHP bug, please give me some more details (privately, if you wish) about the blog's URL and the RPC-Console log for the failure.

  • Hi Ray - I guessed the domain you are talking about from your email address :)

    It looks like the problem with your xlmrpc.php file is that the "$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA = file_get_contents("php://input");" line needs to go INSIDE the first <?php tag. I suspect (by looking at the output when I simply load your xmlrpc.php URL in a browser) that you put it above the <?php tag which makes it come out literally instead of being processed by PHP.

    Hope this helps!
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