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downloads the draft posts from your blog

edited April 2013 in MarsEdit
Hello everyone,

I use MarsEdit specially for updating my blog.

And sometimes I want to focus only on my draft post.
And if I post a lot of posts between each draft, is complicated.
`So my question is:
is it possible to choose to downloads the 30 most draft posts from your blog instead of the 30 most recent posts?

ps: while I was writing my question, I thought a trick. I'm going to change the date of my draft ;-)
But my question is still valid !!
Because it could be great!!



  • Hi florent - yes, I can see the desire for something like this. Unfortunately the way the interface to e.g. WordPress works is you don't get a choice about what kind of posts you are downloading: MarsEdit just askes for the most recent posts (30 or whatever you have set) and then figures out after downloading them whether they are drafts or not.

    In case you don't know about it, there's a trick to focusing on only draft posts which is to view the "Post Kind" in View -> Columns, which will let you sort by whether it's a published post or a published draft.
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