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Creating/editing non-WordPress (or other blogging platform) HTML pages?

edited April 2013 in MarsEdit

I'm creating a sub-directory in my website root which is outside of my WordPress install. Am I able to use MarsEdit as a regular HTML editor with the ability to upload files to specific folders? I have so many macro/shortcuts set up in ME which I evidently have a hard time living without :( I normally use Coda to edit basic HTML, but I don't want to recreate all my ME hooks.


  • Hi there - no, unfortunately MarsEdit is not suitable as a general purpose HTML editor. You would have to edit in MarsEdit and then copy/paste the HTML into a regular text editor (or e.g. Coda), and then save to the proper folder.

    I've considered the possibility of expanding MarsEdit's publishing abilities to suport e.g. FTP uploading, but that would be a huge step and is not something I can say for sure I would ever do or not.
  • No problem. I figured as much. Copy/pasting might be the best option. Thanks.
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