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Another suggestion. Horizontal display of vertical answers.

edited June 2007 in Black Ink
Sometimes it's difficult to read partly completed vertical answers especially if they are long.
Would it be possible to Display the partly completed word horizontally somewhere when clicked on?
My first idea was below the name and author of the crossword at the bottom of the window but anywhere would do.
You could also make it a preference setting to display this behaviour.

E.G. say the answer was HORIZONTALLY and you only had the H, R, O, N, L , L, Y from other answers the display would show : H_R__ON__LLY using an underline for each unknown letter.


  • Hi there! One other person suggested a feature like this, and I thought it would be a great example of something that would be perfect for an AppleScript, if Black Ink was scriptable enough to support it.

    So my current plan is to add the required scriptability to support something like this, and then use exactly this feature as an example of how to use the new scriptability :) Stay tuned.
  • Bumping this. Horizontal view of vertical answers has always been my number one feature request of any crossword software, and I feel it would improve my speed significantly. Glad to hear that adding a way to script this. Please keep us posted.
  • slowernet: definitely still in the works. Stay tuned!
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