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Lists in Markdown on Typepad

edited June 2007 in MarsEdit

First off. Love MarsEdit. One feature I would absolutely love in the next version is the ability to add categories to a Typepad blog.

But to the real issue. Typepad has Markdown support. MarsEdit allows Markdown syntax to be used when composing posts. Something that I have found is that ordered lists (ie. 1., 2., etc) when Marked Down in MarsEdit appears as plain text when posted. For example:
1. Blah
2. Blah
3. Blah

is turned into
1. Blah 2. Blah 3. Blah
From memory, I also had similar issues with unordered lists (ie. bulleted lists).

Other Markdown elements work (eg. URLs, emphasis, italics, etc)


  • Hi Manny - your point about the ability to add categories is taken. I'm going to look into this for the 2.0 release. Glad you love MarsEdit :)

    The Markdown situation you describe has a couple possible causes. Can you give me a bit more information about your blog's setup? For one thing MarsEdit doesn't typically (unless you've set up a special script) actually mark down your text for publishing, it only applies Markdown as a preview.

    Is your blog set to apply Markdown the source? It sounds like it could be an instance of Markdown in MarsEdit's preview and the Markdown on your blog not being in total agreement about how the final result will look.

    This could also be a CSS thing. If you point me to a published example on your blog I can take a peek.
  • (Sorry - I missed that you said Typepad had Markdown - so obviously your blog is set up to apply Markdown).

    I think we need to get to the bottom of whether the SOURCE that is sent to your Typepad blog, be it from MarsEdit or straight from the web interface, gets incorrectly styled into the "1. Blah 2. Blah 3. Blah" format.
  • Daniel

    Apologies for my delay in responding. I figured out what was causing the problem. Basically, if i type a paragraph of text following by a list (in markdown), i need to have a line break between the paragraph and the list (in markdown). For example, to get the following output onto my blog:
    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
    1. Foxes are brown
    2. Dogs are lazy
    3. Foxes don't jump
    I need to type the following Markdown code:
    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

    1. Foxes are brown
    2. Dogs are lazy
    3. Foxes don't jump

    Note the line break in the Markdown code. Not sure if this is a bug or intended?

    Thanks in advance. Oh, also, Typepad has released a thing called Pages. Any thoughts on if and when this will be supported by MarsEdit?
  • I see, Manny. Thanks for following up. I am not sure whether it should be considered a bug or not, but the behavior you observed is also produceable on the official Markdown demo page:

    So if you think it might be improved maybe you can get in touch with John Gruber and suggest an enhancement?
  • Daniel

    Nah. Don't think it is a bug. Maybe better documentation is the solution. Was puzzled for a while. Stumbled on the solution by accident really.

    In any case, it is all good.
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