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Can the .applescript extension be hidden?

edited May 2013 in FastScripts
I want to convert my AppleScript scripts to be saved as .applescript so that I can properly track and view changes in version control. Is there any way to hide the extension of .applescript files similar to the ScriptTreePathsKey to exclude the system library folder?

They seem to run the same as a compiled script, but the extension clutters up the menu.



  • Hmm - thanks for pointing this out. It seems like something I would have fixed a long time ago but I guess I didn't notice because I don't use .applescript files much myself. I'm going to try to get this fixed for the next update. I'll post here when I have a beta release to try.
  • Accepted Answer
    Oh - here is the deal: you have to make sure the extension is set to be hidden in the Finder. Select the script files in question and the choose File -> Get Info. Make sure the "Hide Extension" option is checked for each affected file.

    Then a little nuance which is actually a bug, I think, is you have to quit and restart FastScripts for it to update the appearance of the affected items.
  • Thanks for the tips Daniel. I missed your reply notification otherwise I would have replied sooner.

    I was able to hide the file extension and it works as long as you don't have "Show all filename extensions" enabled within the Finder preferences. If it is enabled FastScripts will show the extension.

    Not sure which way to go with this one. For now I've disabled that option within the Finder.
  • Thanks - it's definitely an interesting question. I think as a default behavior just mimicking the Finder is the way to go, but I can see some argument for having FastScripts be less literal than the Finder.
  • If it's an easy fix, then it would great if you could hide the .applescript extension by default.
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