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Invoke Applescript - no chance to input passphrase

edited March 2006 in FastScripts
I have FS 2.2.8 on Mac OS X 10.4.5

I have an alias to an Applescript that launches some SSH sessions that appears in the FS menu.

When I invoke the AS from the menu, it never gives me a chance to type in my passphrase.

If I double click on the alias it pauses and gives me a chance to input a passphrase which is then used by the rest of the script.

What do I need to tweak to make FS honor the AS pause ?




  • Mark, if possible could you []email me[/email] a copy of the script? I'm not sure I understand the "pause" you're referring to here, and maybe it would make more sense if I could see what the script does. Of course, if it has any passwords or anything in it please be sure to erase them before sending.

    If it's not convenient to mail me a copy, perhaps you can just help me understand better what the "pause" is. Is it that the dialog never appears when run from FastScripts, or it appars and disappears before you have a chance to type anything?

  • False alarm, and my apologies.

    I do have an Applescript that gets me connected via SSH, but it's invoked by a shell script, and it's the shell script that does a ssh-add which evidently prompts me for my passphrase.

    Somebody else wrote this combination of shell script and AS for me (obviuosly :-)

    I have the shell command right next to the AS portion in the Scripts library, so that must be why FS is showing it in the menu. I fire up the shell command, it gets ssh situated, and then calls AS to actually connect to servers.

    Thank you for the fast response and my apologies for misleading you.


    p.s. Now if you can make FS handle shell scripts forking off other jobs with user input, that would be great :-)
  • Mark - I took a look at the scripts you sent. For the record, the problem is that FastScripts doesn't have a way of knowing that a particular shell script will ask for user input from the command-line.

    One solution might be to ask the person who wrote these scripts if there's a way to pass the password directly to SSH from the script, then he could add AppleScript code that would prompt you for the password before handing it to ssh.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful this time!
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