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How to subscribe to Cru Cryptics?

edited June 2007 in Black Ink
The URL for puzzles is in the format:

The bold text is the puzzle file. The syntax for puzzles seems to be date-oriented, rather than number oriented. Is it possible to subscribe to these puzzles?

Also, how does one load older puzzles? Seems only specific URLs or most recent puzzles are loaded. It would be nice to load older puzzles, too.


  • Hi - thanks for bringing this puzzle to my attention. I haven't seen a numerically incrementing puzzle URL like this before.

    Black Ink doesn't support this for subscribing now, but I will think about how I can acommodate it. I guess a shorthand in the puzzle URL for "largest number" might work, but it's hard to imagine how it could check for it without trying lots of URLs in order.

    It might be worth asking the provider of those puzzles to format their URLs in a date-compatible format. I'll see if they are open to the idea.

    As for loading older puzzles this is a shortcoming I'm hoping to overcome in a future release with some changes to the UI for opening puzzles. Probably with at least a list or something for browsing older puzzles, and possibly with a calendar view to make it easy to browse by date.

    Thanks for your feedback. In the short term the best workaround is to download the puzzles manually and drag them to Black Ink, but I will hopefully have a better solution in the future.

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