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Posting through an authenticating proxy server

edited June 2007 in MarsEdit

should MarsEdit allow you to post through an authenticating proxy server? The last version I tried --before the grand acquisition!-- just spat back an error showing that it hadn't used the system's proxy settings. Unfortunately, having tried that version some time back, there's no way of me checking save buying a license and (much as I like red-sweater) I'm not yet prepared to do that! That is, the newer version just complains about an expired trial period.



  • Hi Paul - I haven't done anything special to fix this issue so I imagine it's probably still an open problem.

    By the way I apologize for the trial behavior. I need to make it more forgiving and at least extend a new trial period with each major update. Mea culpa! But you can reset the trial by removing these files:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> MarsEdit


    [Home] -> Library -> Preferences -> com.ranchero.marsedit.plist

    I will have to add it to my TODO list to test with authenticating proxy servers. Ideally you're just expecting it to read the proxy settings from the system preferences and apply that to all networking operations, right?
  • Hi Daniel,

    thanks very much for the quick follow-up (and in particular the info about how to reset the trial period). I've now tested out the new version on my (blogger) blog, using the RPC details as per the help in MarsEdit. The really good news is that once the URL and Blog ID were entered manually everything just worked. That is: I think your to-do list just shrank again!

    Longer version... I first tried getting the details automatically (ie, just filling in the blog address and hoping for the best...), but that didn't work for some reason. I then tried searching everywhere (except MarsEdit's help) for details of xmlrpc in the new Blogger; yech... Finally I slapped my forehead and thought that maybe it'd be documented in MarsEdit, and the rest of the process was as smooth as silk. View source, grab URL and hence ID, enter username/password and off went that trial post.

    Registration on the way.

    Best wishes,
  • Hi Paul - really great news! It sounds like maybe the auto-discovery portion of the process is not using the proxy settings, while the regular (more important, in the long run!) operations are.

    I will definitely add it to my list to fix the auto-discovery for proxies, but yes I'm relieved to hear that you are on track now.

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