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Is there an easy way to change a blog's password?

edited June 2007 in MarsEdit
I'm hoping someone can correct me on this but I sometimes change my blog author password for security purposes. Is there an easy way to access and change this. Currently, I delete the blog and re-add it. I think the natural place to find it would be in the blog's preferences. I would appreciate it if this could be made more accessible or obvious.


  • This is not a MarsEdit-related question. You can't change the password of your blog from MarsEdit, I believe.

    What software do you use? Are you using WordPress? Every blog software like WordPress, Drupal and so on have the preferences to change your password. I can't help with WordPress, but Daniel will answer just about any software!
  • Takaaki is right - this is something that can only be done from the web interface to the blog system you're using.

    I looked at Baron VC and it's a WordPress blog.So to change your password you'll go into the wp-admin page, and then to "Users." Click "Edit" for the user you want to change the password on ("admin" if you haven't changed anything). Then look in the lower-right corner of the user edit page.

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