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Floating Palette Window(s)...

edited March 2006 in FastScripts
I've been looking for a third party device that can run compiled scripts from a floating palette, or 'tear off' menu.

Does FastScripts have this ability or do you plan to implement it sometime?

Reason for asking: Recently I wrote a number of UI scripts for an otherwise unscriptable app... mostly calls to single menu items, with a keystroke or two added. It would be very cool to have sort of a 'command console' to invoke scripts without mousing to _any_ menu.

I've implemented something of my own (see lower quarter of screenshot linked below), but it's not very flexible in setup.

Thanks for any replies...

Peter B.



  • Hi Peter - thanks for stopping by.

    That's not something that FastScripts is capable of at the moment, but I think it's an interesting idea.

    I might start tinkering with this in the next few weeks, since I've recently been working on a "menu-like window" representation for another forthcoming feature in FastScripts. If it seems easy enough to add something like this I'll probably send you a pre-release to try out.

    What comes to mind immediately is a special folder in the "Applications/WhateverApp" folder that contains scripts for a palette window. They would be ordered exactly like scripts in other folders, but would show up in a palette window only when that app is frontmost.

    Good idea and thanks for sharing it.
  • Daniel Jalkut wrote:

    >If it seems easy enough to add something like this I'll probably send you
    >a pre-release to try out.

    That would be great... here's one vote of encouragement.

    Thanks Again.

    Peter B.

  • edited March 2006
    Let me cast a vote for this development too, Daniel. I would use it too.

    NovaScotian, aka Adam Bell on
  • Great, Adam. I will go ahead and put you on the list for an early try-out...
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