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More generic ATOM support

edited June 2007 in MarsEdit

As I've seen there is ATOM support in the application, if you choose the "Vox" engine.

Currently I'm evaluating this for my blog engine, and I have a couple of suggestions which would be nice to have in MarsEdit.


It seems that the automatic API discovery uses the "engineName" element from the RSD file. So, if my engine is not supported by MarsEdit, it will recognize it as "Other Blogger-compatible" and will try to use XmlRPC even if I return only one ATOM endpoint

<api name=\"Atom\" preferred=\"true\" apiLink=\"http://localhost/a/atom.ashx\" />

So, it would be nice to see that MarsEdit uses the api elements and chooses one which fits.



ATOM does not have any authentication method defined, it depends on implementation. Some of the vendors started to use the X-WSSE header based authentication, which is supported by MarsEdit.

The issues is that this method _requires_ the server to have _plain_text_ passwords for the users, so it's a potential security problem. Besides this, other vendors trust more the Digest or NTLM authentication methods, since these are older and more proven.

It would be nice, if MarsEdit would recognize the WWW-Authenticate header returned by the server, and would be able to use at least the Digest authentication. NTLM is harder, and is usually used on intranets, so I think it's not so important.

And there is another ATOM auth. proposal, however I'm not usre if anyone is using it in production.


  • Hi there - thanks for the comments.

    You are quite correct to observe that MarsEdit is "close but no cigar" when it comes to generic Atom. The reason is because the standard, and an agreement about how it should be applied to blogs in particular, is not quite 100% solidified yet.

    So it's easier for me to support specific, popular APP implementations. But I do plan to detect and attempt to support generic APP installations at some point.

    Regarding the authentication, this is a bit of a weak spot in general in MarsEdit now. I am definitely going to be looking at the various auth schemes that could be employed, and I agree that Digest Auth is something I should support.
  • Hi!

    The reason I've brought up is that I'm working on ATOM support in my blog hosting site and I'm testing it with MarsEdit. It goes well, I want to recommend my users on Mac that use MarsEdit. However I have to write a "config manual" for this, and it would better to have a "click auto discovery" than, copy this url, set it to Vox, etc... ;]

    You wrote "So it's easier for me to support specific, popular APP implementations."

    So, how can we work together to make my app play nice with MarsEdit and make MarsEdit to play nice with my app? We can continue this in email (use the forum email) if you do not want to discuss t in public.

  • I don't mind discussing it in public. If you want to test your implementation using MarsEdit, then using Vox is probably a good idea. As you suggested, a major stumbling ground is liable to be the authentication, but if you're implementing WSSE then indeed it might "just work." Supporting the other authentication methods will probably be a lower priority until I get some other more pressing features completed.
  • okay, let me rephrase and be more specific ;]

    how can one get into the "Software" dropdown?

    User demand?
  • Yeah for the time being it's just a combination of historical significance and current popularity.

    Longer term I hope to at least allow specification of "Other" by name, so that I can collect more accurate system usage stats in the voluntary profiling.
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