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private blogger

edited June 2007 in MarsEdit
I've created a private blog on blogger for a team effort that ought to be kept away from prying eyes.

anyway it seems as though marsedit is having trouble getting ahold of the RPC URL.



  • If its relevant it is set to "Only blog authors"

    I suppose I could just set it to "only people I choose" if that ameliorates the problem, but I figured this might be a bug that would like to be fixed.
  • yeah it works with "only people I choose"
    and once it sets itself up, it works fine even if I set the permissions back to "only blog authors"

  • Interesting - so I take it things are "all settled" - or is there something you think MarsEdit could do to make this situation work more obviously?
  • Oh I'm fine with the work around, but you might want to include that tidbit in the not so frequently asked questions list.
  • Ok - is this MovableType? Or which system is it?
  • Blogger/blogspot.
  • Thanks I'll look into it some more and look at documenting it better for the next version.
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