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Black ink on iphone?

edited June 2007 in Black Ink
I wonder has anyone else thought that this would nice.


  • It sounds pretty awesome to me, but unfortunately the support Apple has offered so far means that basically it would have to be a web page. I think the reason many of us like Black Ink so much is precisely because it improves upon the experience that web-based interfaces offer.
  • I think it'd be great. Hopefully there'll be a way for Daniel to make it happen someday....
  • I just registered to support the idea of black ink on the iphone.
  • edited November 2007

    Have you considered the soon to be released iphone SDK and the possible connotations it may have for moving black ink to an exciting new medium? Obviously I don't expect you to drop everything and start working on black ink of the iphone immediately after the release of the SDK, in fact I'm certain you have high priorities. But the mere existence of the SDK seems to invite the question, doesn't it?

    I'd love to know your thoughts. Not only as the SDK pertains to Black Ink, but to all of your apps (saving perhaps fast scripts).
  • Hi Ash - the looming release of the SDK is definitely exciting to me and I'll be looking carefully to see what it offers in terms of possibly porting Black Ink to the iPhone and Touch. It's probably the best-suited application in my product line for serving the iPhone/Touch customer base well.

  • edited June 2011
    I just registered to support the idea of black ink on the iphone too.
  • There is now a pretty neat crossword program for iPhone, called Crux.
  • I haven't had a chance to check out Crux yet but it does look good. I still want to build a version of Black Ink for iPhone eventually but at this point it looks like it might still be a while.
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