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3.5.9 App Store: bookmarklet not working right?

edited May 2013 in MarsEdit
I'm trying to use the bookmarklet to "Send to MarsEdit" with the default quick post template. However, when I try to send this page ( to the bookmarklet, it fails to propagate the #body# #sourceHomeURL# and the #sourceName# tags so I get the following:

Do you have a lifesaver when it comes to tornadoes?: ""


Any suggestions on how to get this to work as anticipated?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Georgon - there are a few nuances to the bookmarklet and Quick Posts:

    1. The body is only filled in if you have selected some text in the page before pressing the bookmarklet button. Otherwise it assumes you don't have any specific text to quote from the page. So try selecting e.g. a summary paragraph from the page before clicking the button and you'll see it populated.

    2. The "Via" part is really only pertinent for when you are reblogging from a news reader like NetNewsWire. It uses the same mechanism as the bookmarklet so the same template is used, but from a browser, there really isn't an appropriate "Via" value because that is intended to be the source (e.g. somebody else's blog) that led you to the specific page. If you're going to be primarily using the bookmarklet to open quick posts I recommend deleting the "Via" part from the template.

  • Ah! That works MUCH better! Thanks, Daniel!
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