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wordpress ping

edited June 2007 in MarsEdit
I was without an internet account (and MarsEdit :-( ) for a couple days. I posted my blog via a library and on site at word press.

It made me realize that my categories started to get listed on wordpress. Is there a ping I should set to make this happen when I use MarsEdit??



  • Can you clarify? What do you mean by "categories started to get listed on wordpress" ? You mean that your posts were showing up on or something?
  • hmmm... I know what I know, but I also know I am having a difficulty expressing it...sorry

    MarsEdit has 'categories' window that opens next to post. These are reflective of the categories that are created on my account. You can click those categories when you are posting from MarsEdit.

    My post in Wordpress will show those clicked categories, so they are posted, but somehow they don't get acknowledge by word press.

    Here is an example: I write a post and click "MarsEdit." MarsEdit will show up at the top of the post when I send it.

    But, when I click on MarsEdit from my wordpress post, that post will not appear.

    Here is an actual example:

    if you go to
    and in the article 'Hot hot hot' is the "Piña Colada" when you click on that, the article 'Hot hot hot' does not come up, instead the article 'When you have time' comes up. That is an article that I posted by going to wordpress (not using MarsEdit).

    does that explain it at all?

    but to answer your question, my posts show up, with the categories that were clicked, but those categories/posts are not searchable...
  • Thanks - I understand completely now. It seems like maybe there is a bug with categories that come from MarsEdit not making it all the way into's database index. I will look into this some more and then check with the WordPress engineers to see what they think.

    Thanks for reporting this!

  • I have gotten in touch with a engineer who is going to take a look at the problem. Hopefully he can get things straightened out soon!

  • cool.

    of course that would mean all the previous posts ae not 'connected' ---- unless I re-post/update them
  • Yep - I'm not sure if they'll be able to "connect" the existing posts for you. Let's see what they say. Hopefully they'll at least fix it for new/updated posts!
  • I've been going to WordPress and saving my posts --- using MarsEdit to do the orginal post (I love the ME), I am wonder if you could post here if you hear that they are indexing from MarsEdit
  • I will definitely update here when I hear anything new from the WP folks about this. They definitely know about it and I'm just waiting to see what they think. It sounded like they thought it was just an oversight that that tags were not being indexed.
  • Update on this issue: the WordPress folks say they are making progress and it sounds like as long as they can figure out how to make the fix without jeopardizing other features, we will probably see this addressed soon.
  • Another update: apparently the bug has been fixed on Library Monkey - would you like to do us the honor of confirming it?
  • Not only does it work, it seems it is retroactive!

    the power of MarsEdit

  • Hah! That is rad. I am glad it worked out.
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