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Should single puzzles be something lighter-weight than documents?

edited July 2007 in Black Ink
Just after Black Inc came out I asked for a mode that automatically trashes completed puzzles and keeps my desktop tidy. I've been thinking this over and now I want a pony, too. Instead of puzzles being individual documents that I have to manage, I'd rather have the puzzles from a source (or maybe sources) be a stream of done/undone items. Like iTunes working with podcasts, it should refresh periodically / when opened / on request. Then when I want to do a puzzle I can just hit the newest or oldest undone puzzle in the stream. I'm thinking this could be very much like iTunes and the way it tracks listened / unlistened podcasts.


  • No response at all -- I guess I'm not getting that pony.
  • Heh - sorry - thanks for pinging the post again. I usually don't let things fall through the cracks, but this one obviously did.

    I've thought about something that I think is loosely in line with what you're suggesting. Ultimately the puzzles would probably always be "documents" but I can see the management of those documents being a lot more streamlined. I'd like for Black Ink to evolve in a way that "web sources" can be treated somewhat like news feeds. That is, you would sort of "subscribe" to a puzzle source and it would maintain a list of puzzles for you, presumably with attributes like "solved" or "new" all part of that list.

    I'm not sure how soon something like this will happen, but it's definitely a direction I'd like to move in.

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