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Please, Please, Please....A Quicksilver Plugin!

edited July 2007 in MarsEdit
Need I say more?


  • Nope - but your specific suggestions for what the plugin should do will come in handy when I finally get around to this :)

    I would guess the main thing would be to "new post" from QS? Is that what you have in mind?
  • Basically yes with the ability to quote text and have that filled into the edit form.

    MarsEdit is one of my last Quicksilver frontiers. Can't get it to work with the bookmarklet and not smart enough to know why,
  • OK - it's definitely on the radar. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Isn't it possible to use "Services"? And, Quicksilver can access the service. This may be too basic.

    Not quite sure what specifically people want to do.
  • 1) MarsEdit does not support service menu as far as I can see.

    2) Even if did, which is ot a bad idea by the way, if one is a QuickSilver user, then it is natural to want to use it.

    3) What we want is simple- we want to be able to post to ME using Quicksilver.
  • 1) I see. Certainly MarsEdit currently doesn't support Service. I wasn't clear enough.

    2) Quicksilver plug-ins only work with Quicksilver. Services are Apple's built-in system that may work with other apps and utilities. Services and AppleScripts may have some legs, though Quicksilver Actions may be written in AppleScript.

    3) I got your point about the feature you want.
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