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Reopening draft post creates new window

edited July 2007 in MarsEdit
I'm editing a draft and then switch the focus back to the main window. To resume editing the draft by double-clicking its title in the main window, I would expect that the double-click would simply activate the window/bring it to the front. And this is what happens if the draft has unsaved changes, but if the draft has been edited and saved, then MarsEdit opens a second window. If you edit and save and reopen you will get a third window and so on. I don't know whether that's really a bug, but I would prefer that reopening a draft would just activate the draft window and not spawn new ones if that makes sense. It's especially confusing because the multiple windows are independent of each other and don't show the same text. I am using 1.2.


  • Hmm - that does sound confusing. Thanks for reporting, I'll definitely look into this.
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