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Wordpress: Tags vs. Categories

edited May 2013 in MarsEdit
I'm still trying to figure out my way around Wordpress vice MarsEdit. Is there some way that I can use both tags AND categories on a new post? My new post window has a drop-down for categories and the inspector lists the categories as well. However, I have a number of TAGS on the server for my blog posts but I can't figure out how to see them in MarsEdit.

Any help? Did I mangle a setting or something?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Geordon - you can definitely use both tags and categories on a post, however there is no UI in MarsEdit that shows you a complete menu of all the tags you have ever used. The idea is that tags are usually selected much more flippantly than categories, so you are more likely to want to type them free-form.

    Although there is no visible menu of all the tags, MarsEdit does have a history of your tags (downloaded from WordPress) and it uses this history to supply auto-completion as you type. So if you are typing the tags by hand and you think for example you have a tag of "computers" in there, just type co and see if it pops up.

    I realize for some folks a complete menu of tags would be handy and that is something that is on my longer-term list for consideration.
  • I also think an accessible list of used tags would come really handy as tagging is so integral to Wordpress experience. Thank you for considering this request.
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