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A handy script to have in FastScripts

edited April 2006 in FastScripts
Because FastScripts gives you the ability to choose a key combination to run a script stored as a script, I find it very useful to have this little script in my Script Folder.

activate application \"Finder\"
tell application \"System Events\" to tell process \"Finder\" to tell menu bar 1 ¬
to tell menu bar item \"Edit\" to tell menu \"Edit\" to click menu item \"Show Clipboard\"
-- Note that the second statement is all one line

Does what it looks like it does - shows you the current contents of the Clipboard from anywhere. I select the text I want, use Command - c to get it, use my ShowClipboard code to see it, use Command - W to close the Clipboard window and Command - Tab to get back where was.


  • Thanks for sharing this NovaScotian. An alternative that doesn't depend on UI Scripting, but which also doesn't produce as pretty of a display, is to simply display the contents of the clipboard directly from AppleScript:

    display dialog (the clipboard)

    These are the kinds of little time-savers that I think FastScripts is best suited for. Please continue to share your ideas!

  • It's more than just a prettier form, Dan. A dialog box can't display a picture - the GUI script will. I use this when I've cut a picture or an icon to paste somewhere and want a glimpse at it before I paste it.
  • Very good point! I had spaced out the possibility of other clipboard contents than text...
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