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Default date adjustment

edited July 2007 in MarsEdit
I know this is a small detail, but it's absolutely crucial to the way I blog and the latest update of marsedit has changed, so that it's become a huge waste of time. I save many posts as drafts, then later on I want to post them quickly. I want to adjust the date to the current time in one click, but this update makes me manually update the date every time. I've got to say it's really annoying. Is there a preference to handle this? If not I'm hoping it will be fixed in the next version.


  • Hi there - sorry that the change in behavior is causing you such an inconvenience. I didn't consider that when I changed it, thinking that it would usually be better to adjust relative to the existing time of the post.

    I wonder if you're aware that a post never has an explicit date attached to it unless you set one on it. Even though it shows a date in the drafts list, that date is not sent along with the post unless you change it. So the weblog server will usually just assign it the current date when you send it.

    So in other words, if you never set an explicit date on your draft posts, you should always have the experience that publishing them on your weblog causes them to show up as "right now."

    Does that help?
  • (Note: I realize it would help for MarsEdit to clarify this "dateless" state, but I'm just offering this current behavior as a workaround.)
  • Oh wow, I had no idea that it worked that way. This seems to get around the problem for me - thanks so much!
  • Glad that helped. I'll put it on the list to clarify the situation with regard to post dates in a future release.
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