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Counting cycles through a routine?

edited July 2007 in FlexTime
I'm evaluating FlexTime to help me keep some exercises on track during a little lightweight knee rehab. I've got a routine to maintain a count of 15 seconds with a pause of 3 seconds between each iteration, but it'd be really nice if FlexTime could let me know how many times I've gone through the routine -- or, better yet, to count down and stop after a set number of repetitions.

This sounds like the sort of thing that'd be really easy with some AppleScript, but I haven't learned enough of it yet to be useful. Are there sample scripts along these lines somewhere I can use as a starting point? Ideally the repetition count would be displayed large enough to be seen across the room (or, perhaps, spoken).

Also, it'd be great to be able to start and pause FlexTime using the Apple Remote Control - any way to get that to work?



  • Hi there - the idea to have some kind of "repeated count" is a good one - it's not currently built in to FlexTime.

    I think you're right that you could get close to solving it with an AppleScript. Unfortunately, FlexTime is not too happy about being started or stopped from within a cue script, but here is an example of a cue script that will simply announce a lower number each time:

    You can open it in Script Editor and change the number from the default (15). If you set this as the script cue for some routine activity, it should get lower and lower each time it gets hit, and then reset when it hits zero. Hope this helps a little bit, at least!

    As for the Apple Remote support, the best solution is to use one of these existing applications that has built-in support or downloadable plugin for FlexTime:

  • Ah, very cool! Thanks - that gives me a great starting point. Off to register FlexTime!
  • Thanks! And hopefully in a future update I'll be able to make this kind of usage more straightforward.

  • You may also find FlexLog useful. It's a collection of scripts that log your FlexTime usage for you. I'm a little biased towards it, having written it. (I've also done a really bad job promoting it, so I don't think anyone uses it besides myself...)
  • The "Counting cycles through a routine" part would be very helpful for what I am using FlexTime for as well. I have a rehab-type exercise routine of the form
    - Exercise Foo, 15 seconds times 10 repetitions
    - Pause x minutes
    - Exercise Bar, 10 seconds times 20 reps
    - Pause x minutes
    and so on. The way I have set it up is to set Exercise Foo (for example) to 15x10=150 seconds and set a bell to go 9 times during the routine which divides it into 10 sections aka reps.

    It works fine, but when the number of reps changes it's a bit of a pain to do the math again and as the OP pointed out it won't help with counting down so I know how many reps I have managed.

    Don't know what people's typical FlexTime usages are, but I'd guess counted reps would figure for many users.

  • Yeah it makes a lot of sense. I'll try to figure out a way to build this into the app.
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