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Do you have a roadmap that you are willing to publish Daniel? I see you answering (very quickly...well done!) many questions with "noted...".

I am just curious what the roadmap looks like and when we might see an update.

If you don't have on, and I completely understand if you don't, don't worry about it.


  • Hi again - I don't have a public roadmap, though I have occasionally confessed to working on various features :) To be honest I'm just plugging away at 2.0 and I hope to have that update available fairly soon. I haven't had a lot of spare time to think about the public face of the development process.

    It's got some exciting changes in it but since I never really know until the day it ships whether things will stay or go, I am hesitant about speaking too publicly about them.

    For instance sometimes a feature will be 90% complete and then some unforeseen obstacle prevents it from happening. So I don't like to get people's hopes up. But maybe I can revisit this strategy in the future and try to get a more public representation of where things are *likely* to be headed.

    Thanks for your interest,
  • I can completely understand your approach. Once people get a timeline, they expect you to stand by it, so not announcing may be the best way.

    But I was just curious.....
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