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Preset window layouts

edited July 2007 in MarsEdit
When I write, I like to have the edit window and the preview window maximized side by side, with the main blog list window hidden. Setting this up each time I open a blog entry editor is more tedious than it needs to be.

At the very least, MarsEdit should remember the location and size of editor windows. It would also be great if it remembered the state of the preview window: whether it was open, size and location. It would also be killer if I could hit a button to have MarsEdit set this up for me every time I edit a blog entry.

A simpler solution would be to make the preview be a split pane in the edit window; that way, you'd just have to maximize the window manually. MarsEdit would then have to remember the split position, of course.

Willis Morse


  • Hi Willis - I have thought about some of these same problems. I agree there needs to be better support for what you're describing.

    The split pane solution in particular is controversial, because it turns out that some users like to keep their editor window quite small but have their preview window quite large.

    Ultimately I might end up offering a number of choices, but these changes are probably a ways down the road yet.

    Meanwhile, you might get some relief from AppleScript. I've put together a sample script that tiles the front-most editor window and its preview window:

    From MarsEdit, click the script icon in the menu bar, next to the Help icon, and choose "Open Scripts Folder" from the bottom. Then drag this script in to make it appear in the menu.

    When you have a post open, just select the script and it will do its best to tile it 2-up on the screen.

  • image that is a neat little script, though it confused me for a bit...

    you have to have the preview and edit windows open --- with edit in the front.

    Of course I use Nisus Writer Pro to write my posts, with a template all set for my blog. Then I import into MarsEdit. After that I spin the earth around on a string waiting for new ideas to spin my way
  • To follow up my last post, do you have a spot where there is a depository of MarsEdit scripts?
  • Hey nice Mars-lasso. I don't really have a repository of MarsEdit scripts well organized right now. This is something I hope to put together one of these days - and hopefully set it up for easy contribution from users, too.

  • Daniel -

    Thanks, that's a decent solution for now.

    Persisting the window states would help out, too.

    Willis Morse
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