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edited July 2007 in Black Ink
With only one puzzle open, command-tabbing to Black Ink doesn't focus the puzzle - you actually have to click on the puzzle window.


  • Hmm - I'm not reproducing this. Are you sure you don't have another window open that is getting focused? Possibly a window that is hiding off screen or something? Did you happen to run with a second monitor and no longer have it attached?

  • I can't always reproduce it. I do have two screens, but both are on line. Today it works fine. Yesterday, it didn't. :(
  • Hmm - thanks. Let me know if you reproduce it again. Since I know you're a scripter, you might try something like
    tell application \"Black Ink\"
    end tell

    Next time it happens. That way I could see if anything was obviously weird or different in the window list.
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