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screwed up template

edited July 2007 in MarsEdit
I've messed up the template so it no longer shows anything in Preview. How do I restore the default template?



  • Hi Bill - I want to add a "restore default" functionality at some point, but in the meantime, here's a trick:

    Just create a new weblog in MarsEdit. You don't even have to make it point to a real blog. You can now edit the new weblog's template, and copy/paste the contents from there to the original weblog's template.

    Hope this helps,
  • No, that doesn't work, I've tried that. Every post is blank in preview. Can't you just paste the few lines of html here and I'll copy them into the template. But doesn't this mean that the template applies to all posts?

  • If I paste something here it will just be the same lines (quite a few) from the default preview.

    If it's not working for you then there's something else going on. As a test, try deleting everything in the preview and just insert the "body" placeholder, so your preview looks like:


    That will show you if there is any data at all coming from the blog posts to the preview window.
  • Oh - it's not as many lines as I remembered:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN\" \"\">
    <html xmlns=\"\">
    <title>#weblogname#: #title#</title>



    But that should be the same thing you see when you add a new blog in MarsEdit.
  • that did it. thanks
  • BTW, it strikes me that you really need to be able to save different template configurations.

  • But that should be the same thing you see when you add a new blog in MarsEdit.
    Nope, the template applies all posts and drafts.
  • It seems uncommon that you'd need more than one template for a particular blog. Unless the blog has a shiftable UI in the web content itself, in which case you could probably also include that shiftable CSS code in the preview template.
  • Well the thing is, the template is global so it even affects posts that were created with the original template, so any alterations made to the template affect every post made and every draft.
  • OK I see what you mean. I'll keep that in mind for future development.
  • edited July 2007
    On another topic (kind of): can I take HTML code from Dreamweaver and paste it into ME? And if so, do I need to do anything else to ME's settings? (minus any non-HTML stuff of course, like java scripts)
  • Sure, you can paste HTML into MarsEdit because MarsEdit is a plain text editor. The question of whether that HTML will work on your blog is specific to how your blog is set up, but in general it should be fine.
  • Well, it's not that simple actually as it's all down to the way the Theme is setup. I tried posting a page of simple HTML to Wordpress from ME and the formatting was all over the place (it looks okay in the ME preview)! It seems that the Theme template overwrites or adds to the original code making it a nightmare to figure out what's 'legal' and what isn't. The problem I have is that I'm fairly familar with HTML but PHP is alien to me.
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